Concept to Sketch to Finished Design

Skull and Dragon Rough

A rough concept sketch done with good old pencil and paper.

Skull and Dragon Sketch

Finished sketch(this is the one we send to our clients for approval)

Skull dragon t-shirt

Final artwork.

4 thoughts on “Concept to Sketch to Finished Design

  1. I have to say, I’ve been searching for you guy even though I didn’t know who you were. I’ve seen your work so many places including 7.62 design. I absolutely adore your guys work! I’m currently a graphic artist for a screen printing company down in South Florida and dying to learn your ways! I hope to see further post from your guys.

    Are you planning on posting tutorials at all?

  2. Amazing talent. I’m a Graphic Designer as well and wished I had but an ounce of your talent. Purely amazing. Tutorials would be nice.

    1. Thank you Alex, we’ve been so busy a tutorial will be difficult anytime soon, and i wouldn’t want to do a half-ass one.

      Thanks for the support! i’ll try to get to one as soon as i can.


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