Q: Do you do commission? And what is your pricing like?
A: Yes we do. Please contact us for more information on pricing, turnaround and etc. Each art project can range in price from a few hundred dollars to many thousands, and each project is different, but we are flexible and can offer our services that fit within your budget. Let us know what kind of artwork you are looking for and we will find something that is right for you.

Q: I am looking for a group t-shirt and one of your design is perfect for us! What can I do? 
A: Just contact us to find out whether the design is available for custom name drop.

Q: Where can I get my hands on one of those sick t-shirts?
A: Most of our designed t-shirts are available on Real Worker’s online store. Check em out!

Q: Where can I get those gorgeous looking metal prints?
A: Thought you’d never ask. Desperate Enterprises and River Edge Products print and sell them. You can probably find them on ebay for your man cave. 

Q: I cannot find the t-shirt or print that I wanted to buy, what can I do?
A: No sweat, drop us a message and we will dig it out for you.

Q: I have a product and your illustrations are perfect for it! How do we go about This?
A: We are looking forward to any opportunities to get our artwork out into the world. You can email us at info@leanbrothers.com for any licensing inquiries.

Q: Can I buy one of your commission art printed on t-shirt?
A: You can let us know which one you are looking for and we may be able to help you out by contacting our customer.

Q: What programs do you use? 
A: We use Adobe Photoshop for most of our sketching and coloring, and Adobe Illustrator for logo related artwork.

Q: Can I get a tattoo of one of your artworks done?
A: Please feel free to!  If you do, we would love to see it!  Email us a photo when you have it done at info@leanbrothers.com. Thanks!