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Lean Brothers t-shirt design

The Lean Brothers have been producing top notch t-shirt designs since 1997. Providing custom design services to high profile apparels like Harley Davidson, No Fear, Hard Rock Cafe, OCC and Sturgis Bikeweek to name a few and with clients from all over the world like China, Italy, Germany, Spain, South Africa, Canada, Mexico and the U.S.A, we pride ourselves in the ability to produce old school masterpieces with a new school flair. With know-hows of conceptualization of designs right through to the printing process, we don’t just produce beautiful visuals, but also designs that translate well onto fabric.

John, the eldest of the Lean Brothers owned and ran a very successful screen printing business in the mid 90’s with 2 Lawson 8 color manual presses and 1 M&R Challenger semi-automatic 10 color press. The company printed licensed brands like Maui & Sons, BUM equipment, Gecko, Rietveld and Body Glove for
Singapore and Malaysia licensees,with great technical know-how and incredible attention to detail, John was rapidly becoming one of the top printers in the region, but all that changed during the 1997 Asian Economic Crisis, it hit sudden and hard. Within weeks, demand for high quality printing dwindled and the company was eventually sold, but it was during this difficult period that MagicWorks Studio (Which later renamed Teedesign.com) was formed.

Like many great artist, Ryan is an art school drop out (voluntarily). With unusually high aptitude for design programs, he mastered early versions of Photoshop and Illustrator in the matter of days . Always experimenting and exploring new concepts and methods, Ryan has the biggest custom brush library in Photoshop, he eats, sleeps and breathes digital art, he even foretold the popularity of Wacom tablets, and was one of the first in the country to own one. Ryan teamed
up with John shortly after Magiworks Studio was formed, deeply passionate and highly creative, Ryan has become the core of what Lean Brothers studio stands for.

Contrary to Ryan, Sean the youngest of the brothers not only graduated Art School, he did it in in flying colors and he did it on scholarships. As much as he enjoys his role as an Art History lecturer (specializing in 14th-17th century European art)in a local university, the lure of wearing t-shirt(a must) and shorts(optional) to work proved to be too much. Applying his knowledge of classical principles to t-shirt designs, Sean find that the shift from Renaissance art to hardcore biker designs is not as vast as you would imagine.

We are the Lean Brothers,we are serious about t-shirt design, very very serious.